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There are some automotive apparel sites out there with some truly cool t-shirts and accessories that true car people would love.

These include BlipShift and our personal favorite, the Detroit Shirt Company.

We have massive respect for those companies, because tasteful, automotive-themed apparel that you might actually want to wear is pretty hard to come by. We went on Amazon and found some of the least tasteful and worst automotive apparel on the site, and have now compiled our 5 favorites (or least favorites, depending on how you look at it) in a short list.

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You might want to wear these t-shirts to troll your friends or make people angry at car meets. Or maybe you just have different taste than us and find these to be pretty funny and cool, and that’s (mostly) okay too.

Apart from being immature, this t-shirt just doesn’t make sense. What’s wrong with running on 87? That just means you have more money left over to spend on things that aren’t gas. We’d call that a win – especially if you’re the girlfriend in this scenario.

The only people that wear these kinds of t-shirts have a car that very slowly disappears into the distance over the course of 30-seconds. They don’t ‘disappear’ in any sense of the word.

You could buy this one to troll a friend, or anyone you see in public, with an automatic transmission. We don’t really agree with the sentiment, however. We do like manual transmissions, but what’s wrong with an automatic? We’ve used plenty of paddle-shifted automatics that would make even the most diehard of manual drivers smile.

We understand this is a reference to how an internal combustion engine works, but the majority of the population will just think you’re a pervert if you wear this.

We can’t imagine very many of these have sold. People who own a Smart ForTwo aren’t typically the kind of people to wrench in their garage, and people who do wrench in their garage don’t usually drive a Smart ForTwo. It’s also oddly specific. We do admit, though, that we’d laugh if we saw someone wearing this at a car meet as a joke. And as Smart ForTwo apologists, we may have to actually pick this one up.


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