Tesla’s future, going to court over diesels and emissions, collectible Prius, ‘Lexus lanes’ and Autopilot stunt: The Week in Reverse


What’s the latest type of vehicle to go electric?

And what’s likely to deliver your next case of Budweiser?

This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending on Friday, April 20, 2018.

On Friday, we learned that federal investigators, are still tightening the noose on Volkswagen executives who defrauded American regulators and diesel buyers, when court documents were unsealed revealing fraud charges against former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn. We’ll keep looking to see if the trail goes any further up the chain. There’s not much farther it can go.

We also covered Winnebago’s plans to sell its first electric RVs. The rigs are available for custom order on two Class A motorhome chassis. No word on how big an electric-car dinghy they can tote behind.

Thursday morning we reported the results of Tesla’s earnings call on Wednesday night, which analysts had expected to be make-or-break for the company.

And this fuel-cell’s for you: Budweiser announced a massive order for fuel-cell semis, which would bring hydrogen fueling stations for cars along with them.

Wednesday we found that UPS is developing a new all-electric delivery truck to bring your packages to your door quietly and cleanly. More importantly, it says the truck won’t cost it any more to buy than a diesel delivery truck, a breakthrough in cost that could lead to many more electric trucks on the road. FedEx also is running its first fuel-cell truck in upstate New York.

And we heard in our Twitter poll what level our followers would like to have national fuel economy standards reach: even higher than those the Trump Administration is currently set to roll back. That’s not so surprising from our readers.

That followed Tuesday’s announcement that 17 states (plus the District of Columbia!) are suing the EPA over its decision. The states say the EPA is ignoring decades of scientific evidence for the political expediency of deregulation.

Meanwhile, comedian and car collector Jay Leno pronounced that the Toyota Prius will someday be collectible. It has all the elements, from new technology for its time to a generation of kids growing up in their back seats.

Southern California traffic - by flickr user David R. Blume

Southern California traffic – by flickr user David R. Blume

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Monday was all about drivers trying to minimize their daily grinds. Plug-in car drivers objected when the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority rescinded their cars’ free access to fast commuter toll lanes. They’ll still get a discount, though. 

And one driver in Britain lost his license after a particularly viral video stunt with his Tesla Autopilot system. We’d say behind the wheel, but…. Well, you’ll have to check it out for yourselves!

Those were our main stories this week; we’ll see you again next week. Until then, this has been the Green Car Reports Week in Reverse update.


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