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We have what appears to be accurate pricing and option details on the Blue Oval’s upcoming mid-sized pickup truck, the Ford Ranger.

The truck doesn’t appear on clickable parts of Ford’s build & price website. However, a bit of chicanery with the URL web address reveals a workable configurator and pricing details. Your author simply replaced ‘fiesta’ with ‘ranger’ in the web address while using the build & price tool for the company’s littlest truck.

Keep in mind none of this information has been officially released, so everything you see here is subject to change. However, the site looks and acts just like every other part of Ford’s build & price tool for vehicles that are currently on sale, so I am inclined to believe what is printed here.

A very interesting takeaway right off the top is the option of a Regular Cab bodystyle. Clicking on it reveals a price of $24,000 but a photo of a SuperCab Ranger remains. Selecting the SuperCab model bumps the price to $24,300 and displays the same picture. The SuperCab is listed for all three trims, while the Regular Cab is displayed only as an XL.

It seems as if SuperCrew models will start at $26,520 for a base XL, jumping to $30,115 for an XLT, and an ambitious $34,385 for the Lariat model. SuperCabs are shown $2175 cheaper across all three trims. Not bad.

Four-wheel drive adds about $4000, depending on trim level. This puts a top-dog SuperCrew Lariat 4×4 at $38,385 before adding option packages.

And what about those options, you ask? Well, that information is provided as well. On base XL trims, an STX Appearance Package is on offer, bringing snazzy 17-inch wheels and fog lamps to the party for a reasonable $995. However, to get that visual addenda, one will also have to select option package 101A, bumping the price by a total of $2130. That package adds items like cruise control, power mirrors, and SYNC infotainment.

Naturally, off-road fans want to know about the FX4 package. As shown here it is – praise the pharaohs – available on the base truck. Its equipment list is extensive and includes:

• E-Locking Rear Axle

• Exposed Front Tow Hooks

• Exposed Steel Bash Plate

• Off-Road Screen in Cluster

• Off-Road Tuned Suspension

• Front Air Dam Delete

• Skid Plates – Fuel Tank, Transfer Case, and Front Differential

• Terrain Management System

• Trail Control

• 4×4 “FX4 Offroad” Bodyside Decal

Good stuff, especially for the asking price of $1295. Do note, however, that selecting the FX4 package is dependent on also choosing the STX and 101A packages, increasing the bottom line by a total of $3245 for those who want to play in the FX4 sandbox. Your author still thinks that’s a good deal and is the one to get.

A check-all-the-boxes CrewCab Lariat – shown below in $395 worth of Hot Pepper Red paint – with FX4, Sport Appearance, and Trailer Tow packages tops out at $45,645. The tires are shown as blackwalls but are listed at OWLs, sized 265/60/18. Its leather-trimmed interior is available in either black or beige.

There is only a single powertrain listed – the expected 2.3L EcoBoost inline-four hooked to a ten-speed automatic. There is no mention of a six cylinder or diesel. Any talk of a Ranger Raptor will also have to remain as speculation, since that trim is not listed here.

We’ll update this post as we learn more about the 2019 Ford Ranger. For now, you can play around with the configurator at this link.

Updated: Ford has said it will not offer a regular cab ranger in the US and that the configurator went live by mistake today. Therefore the pricing depicted here may not be entirely accurate. We will provide an update in regards to the Ranger’s pricing as soon as more information becomes available. 

A version of this story originally appeared on Off-Road.com. 

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