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Two separate recalls have been issued for the Acura NSX supercar. The first recall covers 967 US examples of the 2017-2018 NSX. The vehicles have been recalled for an issue with the left and right side fuel tanks. The pipe that joins the two fuel tanks may come loose over time, the automaker says, which may lead to a fuel leak. The automaker has not yet reported any accidents or injuries related to this problem and will fix the fuel tank free of charge.

The second recall includes 793 2017 NSX models in the US. In these vehicles, the third brake light at the top of the rear window may short circuit, which could lead to a blown fuse that deactivates all of the taillights. Acura says it will replace the third brake light at no cost to the owner.

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NSX owners can expect Acura to contact them by phone in order to schedule a service appointment with their local dealership. Those owners of affected vehicles who have not had their vehicles fixed by November will receive a notice in the mail notifying them of both recall campaigns. If you want to take action yourself, you always call Acura’s customer service line at  844-682-2872 or visit its dedicated recall web portal at

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