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The name Orlando may mean little more to you than the word that follows Universal, but to much of the rest of the world (Europe, Korea, even Canada), the name also refers to a Chevy.

Based on the Cruze, it had enough seating for seven (just), the Chevrolet Orlando was the little van for little cities.

With the plant that it was built at shuttered now, though, no one had much hope for a followup. It seems, though, that Chevrolet is planning on bringing the car back with a totally updated model.

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These images, which surfaced on a number of Chinese car sites this week, suggest that the 2019 Orlando will be primarily designed for the enormous Chinese market. With nowhere to sell them in Europe, though, Canadians likely shouldn’t hold their collective breaths for a western return for the Orlando.

But if these renderings turn out to be of the unofficial nature, that might be a shame. The proportions of this car look just right for the Chevy’s current design language, and with sales of anything that has the letters S, U, or V attached to it skyrocketing, we wouldn’t hate to see it driving around.

That said, we’re confident these are images of the real thing. Prototypes for the next-generation Orlando have been spied testing in China and look mightily similar to the vehicle pictured here.

A version of this story originally appeared on GM Inside News.

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