Cars That Seat Between 6 and 8 People


Families are growing and the need for 7 or more seats in a car has rose. There are many manufacturers that have adapted their designs to incorporate more room and passenger seating. Both cars and SUV's are available at many dealerships, as well as private owners that will comfortably seat 7.

In the SUV lineup you have such vehicles as the Chevy Traverse that will seat 7 people. Combined with the Vortec six cylinder and great gas mileage the Traverse has great reviews. Honda has the Pilot and the Odyssey that will seat 7 and give you the durability quality that is associated with the brand.

The Chrysler family has the Town and Country, Aspen, Durango and the Dodge Caravan that are offered in 7 individuals models. The Dodges have a lifetime powertrain warranty that is currently being offered. Nissan hosts the Armada and Pathfinder to customers that are looking for a 7 capacity.

Another important consumer hot button is price. Honda usually offers a great finance rate, but very rarely do they use rebates. Dodges and Chevy's on the other hand offer substantial discounts on 7 capacity cars. The domestic brands for the most part do not hold their resale value as well as the foreign competitors vehicles do.

No matter what brand is chosen, one should do the research and most importantly test-drives to discover the right 7-person capacity car that will meet his or her needs. There are many vehicle comparison websites that will help you find the right vehicle at the right price.


Source by Ray B Spencer


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