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With a little help, you can transform your own garage into the ultimate DIY workspace for all your automotive needs.

A parking garage for some is a space for keeping vehicles out of harm’s way and the harsh effects of the environment. But, for some automotive gear heads who desire an ideal place to do some work on their vehicle without moving too far away from their home, a little investment in DIY accessories could go a long way.

Depending on the size of your garage, you will want to look out for space efficient solutions to get you on your way. Also, safety and comfort should be taken in consideration because you want to work on your car in conditions that make it efficient, drama free and fun.

We have assembled a diverse set of accessories that should help transform your traditional home garage into a productive work space that lets you work on your car the way you want.

This innovative wristband is internally embedded with fifteen magnetic discs to help keep things such as wrenches, drill bits, nails and other small tools close by. It is made out of a durable and breathable polyester material that makes it easy to be attached to your body for long periods of time.

Speaking of being attached to your body, it can either be securely attached to your upper arm, wrist or work belt depending on what works best for you. A cheap price of $12 means you can have a few handy in the garage to help with DIY duty.

Because of its structure, this organizer is much stronger than a conventional pegboard and can thus hold more of your tools in a single location. Also engineered to last a lifetime, it can accept magnets and all wall control slotted accessories.

This very useful product solves a lot of your wiring needs when transforming a garage into a credible workspace for vehicle work. This cord reel is made out of a high-quality polypropylene material while having a support base made out of stainless steel. A triple tap connector and a total of fifty feet of cord length should be enough to meet most of your work requirements in the garage.

Because safety is important in such an environment, a circuit breaker will actively disconnect to protect connected devices from being permanently damaged when the total voltage of the cord reel is exceeded.

This ceiling fan really packs a punch. It pairs a brushed nickel finish with dark walnut reversible composite blades. Of course functionality is important and this fan includes a universal hand held remote control for controlling the fan modes and integrated LED lighting.

The fan’s innovative motor delivers whisper quiet performance and that same motor has a reversible system. This means, you can change the direction of the fan from downdraft mode during the summer to updraft mode during the winter.

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