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Porsche North America has released details on its new Porsche Drive car rental program.

The rental program will allow customers to rent a Porsche for periods ranging from a few hours to a full week. It’s only a pilot program for now and will only be available to customers living in the Metro Atlanta area, but may one day expand to other markets if Porsche decides the pilot was successful.

Porsche Drive prices start at $269 plus tax and other rental-related fees, which will net you four hours in a Macan, 718 Cayman or Boxster. The most expensive rental service through the program will cost $2,909 and will allow you to get behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 for a full week.

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This rental program follows in the footsteps of Porsche Passport, the German sports car brand’s subscription service, which is also being run as a pilot program in the Atlanta area. Porsche Passport allows customers to pay a flat monthly fee that covers the cost of a Porsche vehicle and all mileage, insurance and maintenance. They can also swap out the vehicle for a different one as they please. Two packages are available through Porsche Passport, a $2,000 one and $3,000 one, with the more expensive option giving the user access to pricier Porsche vehicles.

Porsche has also partnered with car-sharing service Turo, which allows users to rent privately owned vehicles from their owners through a mobile app, for a new service called Porsche Host. The program will train Porsche owners on providing a “five-star” service through Turo, allowing users of the app to rent a 911 or Macan, for example, from a Porsche-approved host. Porsche Host is being launched as a pilot program in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Renting a car from Porsche itself (or a Porsche approved owner) has to be better than renting one from a shady car rental shop, right? Especially when it comes to sports and luxury cars like what Porsche is offering. If you think you want to find out, you can contact Porsche about the rental pilot through its website at this link, by phone at 678-831-629, or by email at [email protected]

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